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Does not matter if it is your first time in a race or you just need refresher on 5k training, we have got a partial marathon training schedule that will get you across the finish line faster than you imagined. If it seems like everyone and her sister is doing a half marathon, there’s a reason: in the past several year, the number of half marathon finishers grew 24 percent, to more over 1.1 million.

Here are some tips that will have you feeling confident at the start and ready to finish strong come race day. And of course, make sure you stock up on the best shoes for your marathon (they are great on your knees) .

If you've been running th.....

Why everyone should have a piece of the Stock Market

Welcome to High Beta Stocks. Like many, you are probably looking for the best investments you can find to grow your wealth. To be honest and upfront - we do not have a super secret magic approach to make you wealthy overnight. Sorry. But if you are looking for short term investments ideas, we do have some of the best stock candidates to trade. What makes these stocks the best for short term investments is that they fluctuate a lot. High fluctuating stocks lend themselves to short term (albeit, risky) trades - such as trading stock option contracts. If you are experienced enough, take a look at our daily high beta stock list .

If you are new to trading on the stock market and are ready to jump in, we highly encourage you to research and learn before jumping in - it will greatly improve your chances of doing well on the stock exchange. There are many free resources online, check out investopedia to get started. There are also easy reads to give you a crash-course on trading.

Whether you are getting started in stock trading or looking for an additional strategy to try out, bookmark us as we will be adding a section where we will share our own trades. We think it will make a great discussion point and who wouldn't want to compare notes ?